We understand that every client has a unique situation. Individual goals, risk, and many other factors that will  determine the service that is right for you. We work to provide every tool you need to build a complete plan specifically for you.


How to Get REAL Business Credit For Your EIN That's NOT Linked to Your SSN!

Accounting and Tax Issues


Prodigy Accounting Services can assist resolving your tax issues. The Internal Revenue Service is obligated to assure that all tax lien amounts are correct and willing to assist with resolving your tax issues. Tax issues should not be the reason why you cannot get financial freedom or wealth. We can deal with the IRS for YOU. Having a professional handle your taxes not only saves you time, but also saves you more money than the fees charged.

Your business accounting records should be an accurate indicator of your financial future.  The thoughtful and knowledgeable staff of Prodigy Accounting Services are dedicated to providing personalized attention to each client in order to develop the most effective strategy.  Our services also include Audit services.

Real Estate


Take the keys to your new home or commercial property. Our staff at Arcane Estate have valuable partnerships with funding resources that will get you in the property your heart desires. Real estate is a major component of wealth building that creates a legacy.  We can assist with finding a suitable property while getting you appropriate funding. Our experts can explore the great opportunities of utilizing business credit and/or trust to acquire property. Also how these vehicles protect your assets.

Credit counseling is available to make your buying experience more pleasurable.



Please visit the link below to gain financial education that will positively impact your daily living.

Healthy Lifestyle


Your true wealth is your health!  


Nutrients from food should be your means of getting essential vitamins and minerals. There are many social media venues that can guide you to healthy living.  Make sure that your intake of sugar, saturated fats, starches and carbohydrates are at a minimum. According to an article written by health guru, Kevin Kolodziejski for “Healthy Eating Safe Gate”, excessive carbs converts into glucose that is released in the bloodstream which increases the level of blood sugar.   Also eating too much sugar can compromise the immune system. Your immune system is your most important mechanisms to defend you against infections.  

Cook and create delicious meals with the fruits and vegetables we are blessed with. Various types of mushrooms can be battered in healthy flours to prepare a delicatessen that taste like chicken. Adding Olive Leaf Extract or Black Seed Oil as a daily intake can protect and rebuild your physical IQ.  Replacing table salt with herbs and various spices can give your food the energy and tasteful boost you need.

Having a rewarding quality of life while enjoying time with family and friends starts with embracing a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually.

Healthy - Lifestyle 



Meditating daily for a few minutes can create an atmosphere of peace and resolution.

Consuming more fruit than vegetables may contribute to the middle waistline budge called a “belly.”

Treat your body like the blessing that it is and demand RESPECT!

Community Development/ Philanthropy

Making a difference starts with YOU! This is how MYTH-Moving Youth Towards Hope, was created. A vision that manifested in 2010 to serve all youth with pursuing their goals of achievement. MYTH mission statement is a nonprofit organization that will help change the direction of our youth to move toward a positive future full of hope with nurturing, building self-esteem and heightening the youth awareness in interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, thereby eliminating the perception of negative youth images in our society.


Our lending sources can assist with personal and business credit challenges. Our partners believe in a second chances and educating our clients. Go to “Join Our Program” on our website to get your personal and business credit score.

South Star Lending provide advantageous benefits to our clients such as:

SouthStar Benefits

  • Credit profile challenges, such as bad or limited history, tax liens, bankruptcy, and balance sheet issues are ok

  • Fast response time with same day approval and closing in 2-5 days

  • Debt is not added to your balance sheet

  • No maximums for monthly receivables

  • Years in business is a non-issue

  • We're a direct source of capital, meaning we close, fund, and service in-house

  • Speak directly with SouthStar's decision makers

  • A dedicated Account Manager


Benjamin and Benjamin 

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